Written To help you Rule Your Routine and stop your routine ruling you!


Whether you are already a successful business owner, salesman, partner, or executive—or your goal is to become one—this book is a recipe for you to start crushing your daily routine and achieving more.

Think about it, what if adopting some easy to follow routine hacks could result in you achieving your work and life goals? What if you could enhance and create your own powerful routine that helps you to outperform your colleagues and competition? This book can help you do all of this no matter what stage of your career you are at!.

Hugh Simson has owned and operated his own successful businesses since 2002, he has a double degree in law and accounting, practices as a lawyer, was the chief financial officer of a national luxury motor yacht company and is a qualified Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach coaching many successful executives, lawyers and accountants, real-estate agents, and business owners achieve their health and career goals. Due to his unique background, he has developed a set of routine hacks that are easy to follow and integrate into busy lifestyles, giving his clients the edge they need to achieve success. Once Hugh began coaching clients and provided them with the recipe to Rule their Routine, the results were incredible. His clients began achieving their promotions, partners of firms started settling more claims or selling more houses, all while becoming healthier, leading to happier and fulfilled lives. What you have in your hands is the recipe for you to reach your health and career goals. Whether you are already at the top of your game or working your way to the top, these simple and easy-to-follow routine hacks and coaching tips will create massive success. 


Now the
question is:

Are you going to start ruling your routine or will you continue to be ruled by your routine? Are you ready to rule and change your future?


Loved the book Hugh. Great tips and ideas to get the body and mind into the right routine.
— J. Lee Crown & Gleeson

Fantastic tips on getting your routine where it needs to be. I love the wake up steps, helped me to create some good habits. I still pick it up to find more gems.
— A. Mira Financial Planner

Great read Hugh. Really powerful content and some great takeaways.
— J. Pezet K.M Sales & Marketing

Excellent book from @hughsimson that puts so many things we know but forget into one resourceful tool.. it is your daily bible on creating good habits and setting the tone for a successful day. It helps me every day and I work three jobs, it helps me create structure and how to be super efficient. A must read.
— S. Mark Human Performance Coach