Two minute Tuesdays!!! New Year new you? or New Year same you?

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Happy New Year!!!

I hope you had an awesome holiday and got to relax, reboot and set some awesome goals... personally and financially.. For most of us our first day back to work was yesterday and it may have felt like you never left.....back in the same old routine...

If you haven’t set your goals or intention for the New Year.. I have you covered... and a few 1 week challenges to get your routine started...

Adopting these 5 simple routine tips will have your year starting off with a bang... so whats stopping you? Why not start tonight!

1. Eat performance enhancing foods and try and avoid performance reducing foods - there is no secret formula to eating well, it's simply eating more fruits & veggies, good quality organic, pasture raised meats and dairy and do your best to avoid processed and refined foods and artificial sweeteners (soft drinks and energy drinks).

My challenge to you (for a week) is to give up sugar (in coffee, desserts, snacks etc) and drink 2 glasses of water when you wake up!

2. Get up when the sun rises - and start creating an awesome morning routine to set your day up for success.

My challenge to you is to start doing some form of physical activity each morning for a week. This could be as simple as a 20 minute walk - start in the morning!

3. Develop a de-stress routine (meditation or controlled breathing)

My challenge to you, download the Headspace app and do the free 10 days straight!

4. Develop an unwind routine when you get home from work - (and it's not scrolling through social media).

My challenge to you (for 1 week) is to read a chapter (or two) of a book each night before you go to bed and not watch TV or be on your phone.

5. Flexi is the new sexy! Yep, it is, stretching is where it is at! Can you touch your toes, I bet the majority of you can't! One of the keys to keeping your body young is to stretch, we are all so hunched over everyday driving or at our desks.. do you get a stiff neck or sore lower back and hips?

So my challenge for you, is for 1 week, that you stretch for 10 minutes in the morning or before you go to bed..  Download my stretch guide to get you started (halfway down blog post)

Lets start ruling our routines in 2018!


Hugh Simson