2 minute Tuesdays.... Happiness.......what does it look like to you

I read an interesting quote by the late Heath Ledger this morning which I found really thought provoking..

“Everyone you meet always asks if you have a career, are married or own a house as if life was some kind of grocery list... But no one ever asks if you are happy”
— Heath Ledger

While it may seem a little weird asking someone you know or don't know if they are happy.. It certainly made me think....so what makes a person happy?!?!

Is it money? Is it a good job? Is it being fit and healthy? Is it being in love or being loved? Or is it found in your spirituality?

It could be one or more of those.... an awesome little way to help you check in with yourself to see if you are happy is to see where you are on a scale of 1 - 10  (where 1 is I need to do a lot of work and 10 is I am the happiest ever) in the following areas:

Physical Activity - Career - Spirituality - Relationships

For example:

Am I happy with the amount of exercise I do a week? Could I do more and If I could... how and where could I fit it in? (I'm about a 7 on this scale..)

Am I enjoying my work? Do I wake up most mornings and get excited about it? If I don't what can I do to make it more enjoyable? (At the moment I'm about a 10!! Loving my new career and being able to work from home)

Am I taking time out of my day to be with my thoughts? How can I become more spiritual, in whatever way works for you, it could be meditating.. (I've begum meditating gain i'm on a 15 day run streak.. so I'm about a 7 here too... meditating is my form of spirituality at the moment)

Is your relationship with your work colleagues or co-workers making you happy or stressed? Is your relationship with your parents in a good place? Are you spending quality time with your kids?  (I need to work on this on all areas.. so about a 5 for me....)

These are some little tips to help you get your happiness back on track.. the rest is up to you.... 

I have been working on a cool little project with my wife which I will be sharing with you this Friday... so keep an eye out for an email!!

Happy Tuesday!!









Hugh Simson