TWO MINUTE TUESDAYS... Do you talk to yourself?!?!


Hopefully you have been getting some nice little takeaways from these blog posts and something has made an impact on you and to your routine.. 

A coaching client of mine asked me this morning if I talked to myself.. I said in what way? He said well I have been setting my intentions for the day while I'm having a shower in the morning, like you said, and my girlfriend walked in and was like who the hell am I talking.. so do you say them in your head or out-loud?

I thought it was pretty funny.. 

It's kind of like looking into the future.. imagine if you could see your day before it actually started.. well you kind of can by talking to yourself..

When I'm setting my intentions for the day.. and yes in the shower.. I also go through these 2 steps which help me see the day before it begins..

1. What is going to excite and light me up today? This forces me to be clear about what is going to draw happiness and enthusiasm out of me, which will in turn make me and those around me have an awesome day. For example, I have a couple of deals I'm settling or negotiating today.. this excites me!! I have calls with a few potential clients/customers today.. I can't wait to talk to them!!

2. What if anything, may trip me up today?!??! This is one of my favourite things to do.. as it prepares you for an event which may never eventuate, but if it does, you have already consciously dealt with it, and it won't be such a shock if it does happen..and you will be able to handle it like a boss!! I pretty much know what my day is going to look like, appointments etc as I have mapped out my to-do list the night before..but I ask myself (as I reflect over my diary), what if anything, may trip me up today?!??! I go through a couple of scenarios, and it's kind of like looking into the future.. it is a pretty cool thing to do.. and it removes the element of surprise to some extent.. 

And by the way..I find actually talking to yourself, where you can hear your spoken words is more powerful.. so lets get talking!!


Hugh Simson