the power of intention


Take this example, which I'm pretty sure some of us did this morning?! :

Just before you went bed, you set your alarm for 5 or 5:30am intending to hit the gym, F45 or do some form of physical activity! What you have just done, is that you have set your first "intention" for the next day! And your intention is super powerful! 

BUT....It's Monday, you had an awesome Fathers Day/weekend, so you thought to yourself when your alarm went off, that you will hit the snooze and have a sleep in? right?! What you have done, is ruin your intention to get up and start your day strong, or what i like to call it, set your day up for success!

Let me get a little deep on what intention is:

A great example of describing Intentions is found on article written by Thai Nguyen from the  for the Huffington Post:

"Set your intentions...Be mindful of your intentions...Create powerful intentions...

But the term can be vague and convoluted. Is it a belief? A prayer? Is it having faith?

In simple form, your intentions are your thoughts directed toward a desired outcome. To be more complex, it’s the realization that our consciousness has the ability to create our reality.

It’s often ridiculed and passed off as Abracadabra BS, but scientific research on how the mind affects reality is growing."


Seven Essential Steps: The Power of Your Mind and Setting Intentions. Read morE


intention (in'tens(e)n/)


  1. a thing intended; an aim or plan. "she was full of good intentions". synonyms: aimpurposeintentobjectiveobjectgoaltargetend;

By hitting the snooze and sleeping in, you may have ruined that intention to get up and exercise starting your day off with the best Intention! We all know how we feel when we "get out of the wrong side of the bed".. (and I bet, that phrase was coined, by the guy who hit the snooze, slept in and got up on the wrong side of bed.. and had a real sh*t day!) Your morning routine feels all out of whack while you rush around the house getting ready for work, you have missed your morning exercise and you feel guilty AF a result. This then creates a land slide effect, you don't eat breakfast as you are running late, you can't find a clean shirt, you're late for work, you hit traffic, you're late dropping your kids off, you start getting super frustrated and angry in traffic, you get to work, can't find a park, you're in a fluster, walk into work, your inbox is full of emails and you have tens of phones calls to return!?! Sound familiar?

My tip is to be clear about setting your morning intention the night before as you set your alarm and why you have done so (to get up and exercise, to meditate, to see the sun rise - to be happier and healthier) and to take action, by not hitting the snooze and enacting your INTENTION - you know you will feel 100% better for it, so will your day and all the people around you!

You can use the power of setting intentions for any part of your day or life, not just setting your alarm t get up the next morning to set your day up for success. Take your shower time in the morning to set your intentions for the or repeating affirmations,"I will crush the day".."I will settle that deal"..."I will love my partner more".

More on setting yourself up for success with your morning routine in next weeks Rule Your Routine Weekly Insights #3!