Two Minute Tuesdays!!! What type of leader are you?!?!?!


If you've read my bio, you will know I have had a pretty diverse career so far - from being self-employed and running my own little retail empire in my 20's and employing 15 staff, to working as a lawyer and overseeing my own team, to being a CFO and GM and looking after 50 staff nationally... to working from home and enjoying its nuances.

I have always found there is a fine line between being too close to the staff (more of a friend) and that of being the actual boss or manager.

No matter what stage of your career you are at, you will no doubt be faced with some type of leadership role. Whether you are self-employed and employ a handful of staff, you may be a partner or even a senior associate of a law firm or accounting practice, or you may run a  sales team or department, or you may be appointed to take charge of a project and your position will require you to take charge and lead.

What I have found is that your personality will usually shine through for better or worse and you will certainly develop your own unique management style. While this may be the case, I have found being able to identify and understand your style of leadership and recognise your own strengths and weaknesses will help you and the business thrive.

Here is a pretty cool infographic to help you identify what type of leader you are and how best to use them...

Check it out and discover your leadership style!!

PS. I'm the Coach.... funny that!!

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Hugh Simson