Let me ask you... are you living your best life?

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Are you already at the top of your game, or are you on the way to the top, but you are just going through the motions each day and your life and career seem to be passing you by? Deep down you are wanting to take some serious action and step your game up, but you don't know how? Are you wanting to stress less and to start exercising and eating better to lose a few kg's but you lack the motivation and time? 

Are you done feeling average?  Do you continually make poor food choices in and away from work, saying to yourself, tomorrow I'll eat better? Are you always trying a flashy diet or an 8 or 12 week challenge and never complete them? Do you catch yourself saying you're too busy to exercise and next week you will start? Do you tell your kids that you are too busy and "not just now" when they ask you to spend time or play with them? Are you always too tired or too busy to go on that date with your partner? Do you walk through the door after work and continue to work? Do you even hug and kiss your partner when you leave for work or when you get home? Is your ego getting in your way to put your hand up for help?

Life isn't meant to be like this.  You deserve in every way to be your healthiest & best self.  You deserve to have an awesome routine in and away from work. You deserve to know what makes you feel good and have the mental strength to make sure you crush whatever comes your way. You deserve to have awesome relationships and clear communication with the people you care most about both in and away from work.  You deserve to do work that you absolutely love and to feel good everyday knowing your routine gives you the edge you need to live a huge and fulfilled life .

I have lived and breathed the up's and downs of business and personal life. I have been 100kg's overweight, unhealthy and stressed and hated taking my shirt off down the beach. I was stuck in a rut physically and mentally and had no idea how to get out of it...I have also had success and everything that comes with it.. the cars, houses and jobs, and I have also lost it all and had to start again..... but nothing and I mean nothing can define success like your relationship with yourself, your partner and children... so let me ask you..

Do want to rule and change your future and start living your best life?

I have the tools to make you an absolute EXPERT on what you need, so that you can take control of your health & happiness and never worry about falling back into old habits.  Because you cannot unlearn what you know to be true and I will teach you to go through life with that routine firmly grounded in your mind so you can always feel awesome, even when it seems all too hard.  

Not everyone needs a Coach, but let me ask you.....

Football teams and athletes have coaches, tennis stars have coaches, your gym has an instructor and many people hire personal trainers to help them achieve their fitness goals, while the most successful people in their fields have mentors. None of these people do the actual work, they do just what they're trained to—Guide.

I will be your guide, mentor and mate.  I will empower you to take back the responsibility for your own health and support you to implement and sustain lifestyle and behaviour changes that will contribute to the achievement of your personal health & lifestyle goals.  Sounds awesome right!  




During this complimentary session we discuss your goals and get super clear on what YOU want to get out of life and what it will take to get you there.  We will go a little deeper into your connection with food, your closest relationships, if you're doing work you love or loving the work you do plus look at your exercise and work habits.  

The session will take place over the phone if you're in Australia, in person if you are on the Gold Coast or via Skype if you're overseas. 

This is not at all a commitment to going ahead with the Rule Your Routine program.  


  • to get clear on your goals and what needs to happen in order for you to achieve them. 
  • for you to learn more about the Rule Your Routine program and what personalised coaching entails.
  • so I can determine if you're the right client for me.  I'm aware that I'm not for everyone and I will only take on clients who I believe will benefit from working with me. 

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life”
— Hugh Simson

Are you ready to take that step?!

“If anyone is on the fence thinking this might be good for them, DO IT!! Before working with Hugh I was working my backside off in the corporate world, no work like balance, unhealthy, home life suffering from the stresses of a very demanding career. I asked Hugh for help and through our 1:1 coaching everything has changed. Hugh’s simple but effective strategies, tools and consistent guidance have taken me from an unhealthy overworked TV zombie to an active, present and more balance person. My wife loves my company more, I have loads more energy, I am more more adventurous, my corporate life is powering and I am the healthiest and fittest I have ever been. Couldn’t recommend Hugh as a coach more highly, JUST DO IT!! ”
— M. Caddle Business Banking Manager NAB
Hugh Simson