The key to being successful is having a routine


But and not any normal routine, but an awesome routine. A good routine forces good habits and, without noticing, a good routine becomes part of your daily life, resulting in massive success.


All of the most successful people in business have a routine that begins as soon as they wake up in the morning and continues until they go to bed. 


Whether it’s entrepreneurs such as Tony Robbins, or CEOs and partners of big businesses such as Richard Branson, they all have a routine. Don’t let a bad routine let you down.

If you are serious about performing well at work, then having a routine that enables you to make educated and smart decisions about what makes you perform at your best, day-in day-out, is critical

here are some tips:

  • Not hitting the snooze button and sleeping in.

  • Drinking more water and making your bed.

  • physical activity is important.

  • Sufficient nutrition knowledge to be dangerously successful.

  • Eat the right food to fuel your brain for work.

  • Make wise food choices when the tummy starts to rumble.

  • Sleep your way to the top.

  • Don’t let your inbox rule your routine.

  • Work in intervals and perform like an athlete at work.

  • when you get home from work - walk through the door with a smile

  • Love more and being grateful.

  • Find your flow!
Hugh Simson